Ultimate Peacock Bass Jigs is owned and operated by one obsessed peacock bass angler – Chris “Amazon Bulldog” Cagle. We offer more than 21 years experience fishing for peacock bass extensively throughout South America. Over the years we have had the pleasure of fishing with former U.S. Presidents George H. W. Bush and Jimmy Carter and has introduced such notable anglers as Flip Pallot, Babe Winkelman and Trev Gowdy to peacock bass fishing. Chris, a former bass tournament angler, is responsible for most of our jig designs and color combinations, as he tirelessly tests new, innovative products each season to enhance our offerings to anglers purchasing our jigs.

Through countless days on the water, field testing a variety of jigs sizes, styles and color patterns, we believe we have designed the ultimate peacock bass jig. Our jigs have been responsible for one line class world record and have taken countless peacock bass in excess of 20 pounds, with the largest fish landed on our jigs a staggering 26 lbs. They will stand up to the onslaught of the toughest peacock bass! Give our jigs a try and we believe you will discover that they are the finest quality peacock bass jigs on the market.


     Have a question about our jigs? Want to learn more about the best techniques to work our ultimate peacock bass jigs? We would be delighted to help you prepare for your next peacock bass adventure. We know how to talk the talk when it comes to peacock bass fishing and will gladly offer advice about our jigs or any other lure that is productive for trophy peacock bass.

Please call us for personalized attention at: 770-617-8801