Just got back from brazil – had a real good trip – My brother (larry yaeger) got a real nice one (17 lbs) so i though i would send you the photo take care, thanks for the jigs (i will call you for more before my next trip)





Ultimate Peacock Bass Jigs are the best jigs I have ever used for Peacock Bass. I caught this 20 # fish along with many “teeners” on your jigs. So many in fact that the other anglers started trying to buy some of mine. Your hooks are very strong and capable of handling and landing 20 #+ fish with no problem. The hooks are tied well with high quality bucktail and their action in the water is awesome. I highly recommend your jigs and will be placing a new order for my next trip to the Amazon.






You told me that your jigs would work well for Striped Bass. Here is the proof! This 25+ lbs. Lake Allatoona Striper could not resist your Lemon Ice with UV coated head jig. Can’t wait to get back on the water and catch more!

Jamey Cagle
Canton, Georgia




Dear Chris,

From 21 to 26 Jan/2013 I had been fishing in the Negro River, in the region close to Barcelos – AM. I think you already know, but I have to say that your jigs really work. The attached picture is a 5 kg peacock bass I catch using the jigs.

Best regards,
Eduardo Luis Crepaldi




Hi Chris,

Having recently come off the water in Venezuela – fishing on our new Lake Caruachi – near the famous Guri – my fishing buddies and I have only great things to say about your Ultimate Peacock Bass Jigs. The standard sizes are wonderful and come with a no-nonsense hook that I truly believe will result in a broken rod before you have one open on you. Having boated peacocks up to 7 kilos (15lbs) on these jigs, we haven’t had one open nor had a fish come off once hooked. My fishing buddies were a bit hesitant at first, as the size of the hook seemed more appropriate for heavier lures and the extended tail on your jigs might seem to lead to short strikes. In fact just the opposite has occurred – often the peacock bass are landed with only the braided line, telling us that they have swallowed the jig so fiercely. In talking with you, I had asked that you make me some specialty jigs for the peacocks that just don’t want to strike. In telling you what I wanted – you had me a tester pack sent at a reasonable cost. These have proven exceptional in boating reluctant bass – as well as great for smaller less aggressive peacocks. I have not yet had the opportunity to try the trolling jig/flies – they are on my “to do” list in a certain area of the river we always fish. In short as a primary lure they will bring them up – as a chaser for missed strikes they are DEADLY!

Phil Neff
Puerta Ordaz, Venezuela





I was recently introduced to your jigs by a friend on a recent fishing trip to the Rio Negro. We can tell you that your jigs are the finest we have ever used for peacock bass. Here is the largest fish we caught on your jigs, but we caught many in the high teen and low 20 pound range on them.

Luiz Carlos Siqueira Gusso
Paraná, Brazil





The jigs worked great! Check out this big boy landed on a jig.

Gene S.
Clewiston, Florida





The jigs worked fantastic on our recent trip to the Caures River in Brazil. This might have been our best big fish trip yet and the jigs were responsible for catching lots of them.

Bill M.
Orlando, Florida





Your jigs must have radar! We caught so many nice fish on the jigs in Venezuela at Manaka Lodge that my arms and shoulders are sore. These truly are the finest jigs I have ever used for peacock bass.

Flip Pallot
Former Host – ESPN’s Walker’s Cay Chronicles




Hey Chris,

Hope this e-mail finds you doing well. Carl and I have returned from the Amazon. We caught 230 Peacocks with 19 being double digit. On a side note, your jigs worked great! Both Carl and I got 19 pounders as our largest fish. Best wishes.

Jay P.
Wellington, Florida




Dear Chris,

Fishing with your trip host, Dink Alston, I managed to catch a 20 pound peacock bass on my very first trip to Brazil. This fish was caught on your Ultimate Peacock Bass Jigs. Thanks again for a great trip.

Don A.
Columbia, Missouri




Hi Guys,

Just wanted to send you a photo with my grande peacock bass caught on your jigs. They worked great and held up better than any jigs I have ever fished. The hooks can’t be bent with a pliers!

Henri G.
Gainesville, Georgia





You had a premonition that I would catch the biggest peacock bass of my life on your jigs. Well, you were correct as I landed a 24 pounder on the crystal flash jig. I am having a canvas art print made of this great catch and your jig.

Larry H.
Columbus, Ohio




Dear Chris,

As I promised you when I ordered several jigs, attached are some pictures of my last fishing trip en the Colombia Bita River (Orinoco Basin).I got several 5 to17 pound Peacock Bass and Payaras mainly with your Sunrise Casting Jig.The best ones were a 17-pound Peacock Bass and a 15-pound Payara (attached pictures).Unfortunately the piranhas olsa like very much your jigs and destroy them. I will be ordering some to replace the ones I lost.

Best Regards,
Weston, Florida





Just a note to let you know that your jigs were a big hit with the Peacocks. We caught over 400 fish with 66 being over 8 lbs. The largest was 18 lbs. A large majority of the fish were caught on your jigs.

Thanks again,
Steve Holmes
Alexandria, Louisiana





Just getting organized after my trip. It was awesome and the jigs worked great. I have enclosed two photos, one with my guide in the back ground and one of me and a”Grande” peacock.

Thanks for all your help,
Dan Spears
January, 2015




Hello Chris,

Here a couple of pictures of fish that where caught on your jigs.Unfortunately fishing was very difficult, water levels where rising.We still got a few nice fish though, most of them caught on your jigs.Great jigs by the way, strong hook and cool colors! Will be ordering more in the future for sure